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44th Annual Eastern Slope Ski Club Ski Sale set for Nov. 7th & 8th

The Eastern Slope Ski Club (ESSC) will be hosting its 44th annual gear sale at the North Conway Community Center on Friday, November 7th (3pm-8pm) and Saturday, November 8th (9am-2pm). Plan on dropping off your clean and ‘modern’ Alpine, Cross Country and Snowboard gear you’d like to sell at the North Conway Community Center on the evenings of Wednesday, November 5th and Thursday, November 6th between 6pm-8pm. Each item requires a tag ($1 each), which will be available for purchase when you are dropping items off. Or, you can save time and buy them NOW at Bob and Terry’s Sports Outlet in North Conway. All unsold items (and proceeds from your sales) MUST be picked up at the Community Center on Sunday, November 11th between 10am-12pm. Anything NOT picked up will be considered a donation, and all proceeds from the sale will benefit the ESSC.

Please Click here to download a PDF of Snow Day results....

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